Democratic Freedoms

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Freedoms, Democratic


political and legal norms determining the position of the individual in the state.

Political democratic freedoms include freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly, which includes freedom to hold meetings, marches, and demonstrations. Personal democratic freedoms include inviolability of person and home; privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, and telegraphic communications; and freedom of conscience, or the right to profess or to decline to profess religious beliefs.

Bourgeois constitutions and laws proclaim democratic freedoms but do not generally provide effective guarantees. The government has emergency powers to suspend or nullify various articles of the constitution that establish democratic freedoms.

In the socialist countries the law not only recognizes the democratic freedoms of citizens but also provides material and legal guarantees for exercising them. [23–255–2; revised by the Soviet editors]

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But by afternoon, several hundred demonstrators had returned, responding to a call for a new rally.Protesters were wearing the signature black of the movement that began in opposition to a bill allowing extradition to mainland China but has morphed into a broader call for democratic freedoms.
Senator Mushtaq Ahmed said democratic freedoms were prevalent in the country due to long and hard work of journalists.
In a civilized society, in a democracy, there can be nothing that could bring more misery and destruction, nothing that could bring more instability and chaos, and nothing that could even bring years of bloodshed, than the denial of the fundamental democratic freedoms of the people, by way of inhibiting the functioning of Democratic Institutions, and inhibiting of the functioning of Democratic Processes.
Only quick and firm remedial action will convince the public that democratic freedoms have genuinely been restored in this country.
support for democratic freedoms, human rights, and #RuleofLaw in #Maldives.
Turkey's membership bid has been hobbled by European concerns about its commitment to democratic freedoms and officials have been particularly concerned ( lately with a crackdown on political opponents by the Erdogan administration after a failed coup attempt in July.
"We call for the restoration of calm and security for all and hope that such tragic events underscore the importance of safeguarding cherished democratic freedoms for all citizens."
When the three major parties share the same policy, to surrender our democratic freedoms to the overseas regime, then the only way we can vote to retain our democratic government, is to support independent candidates, to serve their electorate faithfully.
Isayev praised the substantial democratic freedoms in Kuwait, namely the liberty of speech, equality of citizens according to laws and political freedoms enjoyed by women.
In his speech on Wednesday, the Sovereign expressed his commitment regarding the introduction of "major constitutional and political reforms," which will concern legislative and executive institutions with a view to expand democratic freedoms and promote the rights of Moroccan citizens.
President Ilham Aliyev's New Azerbaijan Party is expected to win the vote while opposition parties keep criticizing the government for curbing democratic freedoms.

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