Demodetic Mange

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Demodetic Mange


(also demodicidosis or red mange), an invasive disease of animals accompanied by the generalized or local affection of the skin. It is caused by mites of the genus Demodex, which infest the sebaceous and sweat glands and hair follicles. Demodetic mange is particularly severe in dogs, cattle, and swine. The mites are worm-shaped, about 0.3 mm long, and 0.04 mm wide. They are strictly specific to each species of farm animal.

The disease is characterized by the focal loss of hair and the appearance of scabs and pustules with the absence of itching. The infested animals grow emaciated. Epizootics are possible, especially among dogs.

Demodetic mange is difficult to treat because the mites are localized deep in the skin. A 6-percent emulsion of K soap, finely dispersed sulfur, and 0.5-percent oral emulsion are among the preparations used. Medication is combined with good care, maintenance, and feeding.

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