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the study of demons or demonic beliefs



in a number of religions a teaching concerning evil spirits that originated historically from a primitive belief in spirits.

Demonology is most important in religions with a dualistic division of the universe into a world of good and evil (for example, Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism). In later religions that experienced the influence of Zoroastrianism (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) demonology also became an important part of doctrinal belief.

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12) Earlier in Tuo's biography, cat demon worship is linked to his wife's natal household: "[Tuo] loved heterodox worships.
Households would raise and worship an old cat as a form of necromancy", leading to "frequent supernatural occurrences" Iff and many deaths in and around the capital, as people falsely accused each other of cat demon worship.
22) Emperor Wen's decree certainly indicates a concern with the widespread practice of cat demon worship as harmful and potentially subversive.
26) The dating of Zheng Qiye's death to 598, the very year in which Emperor Wen issued a decree criminalizing cat demon worship, suggests that she was believed to have succumbed to the cat demon attack and that, prior to her death, Empress Dugu, also a target of the demon, employed a physician skilled in Daoist healing techniques.