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1. proof or evidence leading to proof
2. a manifestation of grievances, support, or protest by public rallies, parades, etc.
3. Maths a logical presentation of the assumptions and equations used in solving a problem or proving a theorem



(1) A procession, meeting, or other forms of expression of popular sentiments by the masses.

(2) A visual method of acquainting an audience with a phenomenon or object, such as a classroom demonstration of model animals and chemical reactions.

(3) Threatening acts by a state. Figuratively, deliberately accentuated, provocative behavior.

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For the past several years, areal density demonstrations have grown in excess of 100 percent per year.
Infraworks has announced that the Homeland Security C2 Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) is using Infraworks' InTether Server to protect sensitive digital files when communicating between multiple agencies as part of its critical infrastructure demonstration.
We're looking at the overview of how we are going to model crowd control in future demonstrations," Ms.
The diversity of field demonstrations makes the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition shine.
The coach must start by preplanning the key points of the demonstration and making sure that the environment is conclusive to learning.
not to stage a rebellion) contradicted previous experiences - whereas the traditional Volkstumult threatened the existing order with "disorder," mass demonstrations staged by the labor movement challenged the existing order with the image (and promise) of an alternative order.
This should come as no surprise, since the key organizers of these events are veteran radicals of the Vietnam War era's turbulent demonstrations.