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1. proof or evidence leading to proof
2. a manifestation of grievances, support, or protest by public rallies, parades, etc.
3. Maths a logical presentation of the assumptions and equations used in solving a problem or proving a theorem
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(1) A procession, meeting, or other forms of expression of popular sentiments by the masses.

(2) A visual method of acquainting an audience with a phenomenon or object, such as a classroom demonstration of model animals and chemical reactions.

(3) Threatening acts by a state. Figuratively, deliberately accentuated, provocative behavior.

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Despite heavy rain, there was a steady flow of people coming to and from the demonstration, which was conducted in a passionate but organised manner.
DEMONSTRATIONS Judge Makau stated it was telling that in the said demonstrations there were no arrests made and charges preferred on the demonstrators that perpetrated the said acts of violence, destruction or carrying of offensive weapons.
The demonstrations were launched in Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, 19 Indian cities, 24 Pakistani cities, 12 US states, eight European countries and 11 African countries, in addition to the Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne.
At the demonstrations, various parties mostly religious groups described the latest US action as an attack on the Muslim Ummah and called for unity among Islamic states for a unanimous strategy on the issue.
In the meeting, the party decided to lead rallies, demonstrations and sit-in protests in 140 cities for their "Qisas-o-Salmiat-e-Pakistan Tehreek", literally, movement for retribution and integrity of Pakistan.
There will also be several homebrew demonstrations presented by Cervecero members throughout the day, including: All Grain Brew Demonstration, Extract Brew Demonstration, Brew Kit Demonstration, and Soda Brewing Demonstration.
FHWA's onsite demonstrations offer States an overview of the HFT's testing and data reporting capabilities, enabling agencies to conduct friction testing on their local pavement surfaces.
TWO people are due to appear in court after they were arrested and charged following an English Defence League demonstration in Middlesbrough.
Approximately 300,000 enrollees receive care through a mix of Medicaid HMOs and PSNs in the Demonstration being conducted through the waiver.
The poll results indicated that 20% of Egyptians sympathize with the demonstrations, compared to 71% who do not, while 9% said they are not sure.
Speaking on behalf of the platform, Kristal-yE- Labor Union President Bilal EcetintaE- said that the government's aggressive attitude in the wake of the demonstrations is dragging the country to a dangerous point.