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Mount McKinley,

peak, 20,310 ft (6,190 m) high, S central Alaska, in the Alaska Range; highest point in North America. Permanent snowfields cover more than half the mountain and feed numerous glaciers. Though it was known locally as Denali ["the Great One"], a prospector named it Mt. McKinley in 1896 after he learned that the former Ohio governor had been nominated for president, and the name was adopted officially in 1917. Denali was first scaled successfully by the American explorer Hudson StuckStuck, Hudson,
1863–1920, American missionary and explorer, b. London, England. He emigrated to the United States in 1885, graduated from the Univ. of the South (1892), and was dean (1894–1904) of the Episcopal cathedral at Dallas, Tex.
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 and three others in 1913. Beginning in 1975 Alaskans attempted to have the local native name of the peak restored as its official name, but their efforts were blocked by Ohio's congressional delegation until it was renamed in 2015 by President Obama. Denali is included in Denali National Park and PreserveDenali National Park and Preserve
, in the Alaska Range, S central Alaska; comprising Denali National Park (4,740,912 acres/1,919,398 hectares), est. as Mt. McKinley National Park 1917, and Denali National Preserve (1,399,078 acres/566,428 hectares), est.
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