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a Russian silver coin of the 14th through 18th centuries. The Muscovite ruble, which consisted of 200 den’gi, was minted from one grivna of silver (48 zolotniki). At first the den’ga was minted only in Moscow, but beginning in the early 15th century almost all Russian principalities minted it. In the 17th century, and the first quarter of the 18th a copper den’ga was minted, along with the silver den’ga.

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Organizing Secretary and Secretary of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Billiard and Snooker Association Zulfiqar Butt, former national snooker player Hussain Khan alias Denga Ustad and large number of game spectators were also present on this occasion and witnessed the thrilling final.
Similarly, Ali and Denga (1989), while accepting that there is no universal rule for determining the appropriateness of sample sizes, state that a sample should be about 15-30% of the population.
A key organiser of local protests from Denga village was appointed public relations officer to the logging company.
Pakistani police said the kidnappers had dropped off Sahil Saeed in a field in Denga village on Tuesday, allowing officers to recover him.
Other names for DF include breakbone fever, dandy fever, seven-day fever, duengero, and Ki denga pepo.
Ohandi ka uda ounhwa, eshi omunhu oye tuu oo ha ka denga konima yeeprograma nande mbali ta ti, 'oprograma ei oiwa nonda hala okulundulula omatumbulo omusheko nde a popile nale kombinga yoprograma oyo'.
One of the leaders of the bombers who is now in custody, Piniel Denga, ran on the ticket of the MDC in a by-election.
In Malawi, a country where it is typical for individuals to seasonally build and maintain their own homes, there is a proverb mutu umodzi susenza denga that states, 'one head alone can not lift a roof.
Clare Ring said she was pushed to the floor by Dean Pritchard, known as Denga, and told at gunpoint to hire a car, when she went to a house in York Road, Shrewsbury to buy crack.