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Dentist’s Drill


a medical apparatus by means of which a cutting instrument is made to rotate (the drill is a shaft with a steel, diamond, or carborundum bit attached to it, or a carborundum stone, disc, etc.) and which is used for the preparation of the hard tissues of the tooth. There are pedal-operated (seldom used), electrical, and turbine dentist’s drills. In an electrical dentist’s drill, an electric motor serves as the motive power for the drill, which is affixed to the tip of the apparatus. In a turbine dentist’s drill, the cutting instrument is set in motion by a turbine located in the tip; a stream of compressed air is forced onto the turbine (by means of a compressor) at a pressure of 0.25–0.35 meganewtons /m2 (2.5–3.5 kg/cm2). The frequency of rotation of an electric dentist’s drill is 30,000 rpm, and that of a turbine dentist’s drill is up to 350,000 rpm. The increased rate of the rotation of the drill removes the principal causes of painful sensations—namely, vibration and pressure of instruments on the teeth.

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In contrast, the other surgery had a noisy environment due to irregular and highly fluctuating sounds of dental drills, compressors, suction unit and noises made by instruments clutter.
Also on display is a contraption consisting of wheels, pulleys and thin metal rods - a foot-operated dental drill.
8220;Because air abrasion produces significantly less heat, pressure, sound and vibration than a standard dental drill, patients experience much less discomfort,” says Dr.
The Swedish medical technology enterprise Nobel Biocare is alleged to use a method for making so-called dental drill guides.
Even a whirling dental drill could not distract 7-year-old Javier Martines-Vasquez from the small electronic game that beeped and honked whenever he scored points while getting his teeth fixed in the Children's Dental Clinic at Churchill High School in Eugene.
People are warned, for example that an electric cattle prod is for use on animals only and an electric rotary tool is not intended for use as a dental drill.
With the tongue comfortably retracted by the Isolite mouthpiece, it is kept safely away from the dental procedure and the dental drill, so as to avoid unintentional injury of the tongue.
Today, the whine of the dental drill -- and that of the patient -- is heard less often.
Dental drill guides transfer surgical implant planning to the actual surgery.
6 micron carbon dioxide laser to remove tooth decay without the dreaded dental drill among a wide range of age groups, as well as laser technology to determine tooth decay in seemingly healthy teeth.
The company's flagship product is the water and laser dental drill.
Opus 20 offers a virtually painless, noise-free, and vibration-free alternative to the conventional dental drill.