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Display Oriented Language. Subsystem of DOCUS. Sammet 1969, p.678.



(dul, doul), an Uzbek and Tadzhik percussion instrument, which consisted of a two-sided drum and a wooden drumstick with a knob at the end. The dol is no longer used.

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It may be impossible for the Department of Labor to know the exact number of children working on farms.
1 million was awarded to the Pennsylvania Department of labor and Industry.
Autonomy will allow the Department of Labor to save time and money because it minimizes the need to have employees and DisabilityDirect partners manually categorize, tag and insert hypertext links between related content," said Richard Gaunt, Autonomy chief technology officer and co-founder.
1,770,78 in unpaid Department of Labor & Industries taxes.
received a Rising Star Award from the Latino Job Service Employer Committee (JSEC) and the New York State Department of Labor at the organizations' sixth annual awards reception.
Z Land Landscaping LLC, $9,190 in unpaid state Department of Labor and Industries construction penalties.
We are pleased to join Secretary Chao and others at the Department of Labor to forge the kind of partnership that is needed to protect the safety and health of dedicated and courageous workers who are laboring under such difficult circumstance.

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