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Only an open and dependable system has the potential to broaden the acceptance of VoIP.
1 delivers many new innovative features that improve its ability to scale-up to very large-scale systems, that support dependable systems as characterized by stringent reliability and fault-tolerance requirements, and that adapt to environments characterized by constrained networking resources.
Customers rely on QNX for high-quality and dependable systems that enhance their brand," said Adrian Turner, CEO of Mocana.
Acer is committed to delivering cutting-edge, dependable systems that enhance the efficiency and productivity of our customers," said Jim Wong, president of IT Products Business Group, Acer Inc.
Fitch believes that HLS will remain a reliable servicer with dependable systems and effective loan administration and default management processes.
The Amiad pledge to the filtration industry is to continue providing innovative and dependable systems, quality service and reliable customer support.
The Navy Metalworking Center applies cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology to improve performance, address Navy manufacturing issues, enhance naval and DoD readiness, reduce acquisition and life-cycle costs and ensure the availability of dependable systems, capable of withstanding wartime demands.
NET offers its growing customer base a reputable technical team, dependable systems, guaranteed service levels, and ease of management through its user-friendly HostPilot(R) Control Panel.
The Stanford Computer Security Certificate program will teach participants important techniques for building robust and dependable systems," says Hector Garcia-Molina, Professor of Computer Science and of Electrical Engineering at Stanford.

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