Deployment of Troops

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Deployment of Troops


the formation of groupings of the armed services or combat arms and their arrangement in operational, or combat, order for combat action. Troop deployment may be strategic, operational, or tactical.

Strategic deployment involves transforming the country’s armed forces from peacetime to wartime status. Troops are placed in combat readiness, and mobilization measures are undertaken to bring the forces up to wartime strength. At the same time, units from battalion to division level and higher and operational commands are formed, strategic transports of troops are implemented, and the newly formed groupings are concentrated on selected axes. Strategic troop deployment may be carried out before the war, at the beginning of the war, or during military actions—whenever it becomes necessary to create new strategic groupings, such as fronts, armies, or flotillas.

Operational troop deployment consists in moving the troops of operational commands of various armed services onto the axes or into the regions of impending combat and arranging them in operational formation in accordance with the plan of the operation in progress.

Tactical troop deployment involves taking up attack and firing positions and arranging units of various sizes of all the armed services and combat arms in combat formation immediately before the attack. Tactical deployment may be carried out by moving troops from build-up or assembly areas, from areas of permanent location, or from the march.

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Military sources had been requested by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for deployment of troops at some highly sensitive polling stations in order to contain peace and smooth electioneering, there.
The Prime Minister, in a speech to launch federal parliament's debate on the deployment of troops to Afghanistan, also warned Australians to brace for more casualties and "hard days ahead".
David Petraeus about its reservation over deployment of troops in Afghanistan, some clause of new US strategy which can negative impact on Pakistan.
Asked to comment on Japan's deployment of troops in Iraq, similarly on an aid mission, Petersen said, ''It is an international responsibility that Japan has taken upon herself and I certainly commend Japan for that.''
According to report the veteran leader said that the government of India and its troops were hell bent to suppress the ongoing liberation movement and even the heavy deployment of troops had been recorded in the Guinness World records.
Geelani questioned the need for heavy deployment of troops against 500 or 600 militants, as claimed by the Central Government.
Thailand on Monday began full-scale deployment of troops to the international force in East Timor (Interfet), two days behind the original schedule, a military spokesman said.
Lahore -- Punjab Governor Latif Khosa on Saturday said that deployment of troops by Pakistan and Indian at the Siachen glacier, the world's highest battlefield, is stupidity.
Poonch, July 20 (ANI): Resident in Poonch district of Kashmir supported the deployment of troops, opposing demands of various separatist groups for demilitarisation of the state.
Replying to a separate question on deployment of troops in Jammu and Kashmir, he said, "The deployment of security forces as part of the security grid in the Northern sector including J&K is based on the threat perception and is periodically reviewed."
This is the first time in the history of the PLA that four divisions from four military command areas are taking part in a drill that involves the deployment of troops across different military command areas, chinaview reported.
Islamabad, Dec 26 (ANI): Pakistan has made some unannounced changes in their deployment of troops and has also scaled down its operations against Islamist militants in the north-west following tensions with India in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attacks.

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