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The removal or prevention of polarization in a substance (for example, through the use of a depolarizer in an electric cell) or of polarization arising from the field due to the charges induced on the surface of a dielectric when an external field is applied.
The resolution of polarized light in an optical depolarizer.
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the decrease in the difference in potentials during the resting state (so-called resting potential) between the internal and external sides of the membrane of a living cell. In nerve cells and their processes, as well as in muscle fibers, depolarization is one of the most important components of the process of excitation. Stable depolarization may occur experimentally or in certain diseases as a result of direct damage to the membrane or disruption of metabolism.

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In (18)-(19), [[epsilon].sub.1] is the permittivity of inclusions having ellipsoidal shape, [[epsilon].sub.m] is the permittivity of environment material, 0 [less than or equal to] [N.sub.i] [less than or equal to] 1 ([N.sub.1] + [N.sub.2] + [N.sub.3] = 1) is the depolarization factor, and f(x) is the space-dependent filling factor function.
This is the thermally stimulated depolarization step of a TSDC experiment, in which the sample returns to the equilibrium state.
At the same time of the discovery that endocannabinoids mediate DSI, Kreitzer and Regehr discovered that depolarization of cerebellar Purkinje cells induces transient suppression of excitatory transmission, (9)) which was termed DSE.
Exposure to increasing BPA concentrations resulted in slowed CV in a rate-dependent manner, suggesting alterations in the kinetics of membrane depolarization and/or repolarization.
The QT interval is equal to the depolarization plus repolarization periods of the heart.
For depolarization current, it is measured by removing the dc voltage source incorporating with a switch turn onto short circuit at the undertested objects.
The atrial depolarization and atrioventricular conduction time did not exist in the PR interval and segment in the study of raptors.
The depolarization properties of photons in free-space are conveniently addressed by means of the Hermitian Stokes operators [33]
An intersection of the depolarization curve and the load line determines the working point.
A nociceptin-NH2 concentration of just 5 was sufficient to elicit a depolarization of approximately 20 mV, though this concentration does not cause behavioral avoidance above baseline levels in Tetrahymena (Figures 3(a) and 1).
The polarization and depolarization current analyses were carried out with a PDC-Analyser-1MOD (ALFF Engineering, Switzerland), and the measurement time was set to 5000 s.
Evidence suggests that a pathological inversion of neurovascular coupling may play an important role in SAH pathology both in the context of spreading depolarization waves [20] and at the level of the neurovascular unit in response to focal neuronal activity [21].