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bank depository

A safe on the exterior of a building which receives deposits after business hours.
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citizen or resident.(92) It also bars deposits in an amount less than $200,000.(93) Furthermore, it bars depository services to any nonresident alien customer; depository lending or commercial banking services (except for certain Department-approved trust lending or precious metals account activity); transferring $10,000 or more of customer cash on deposit to any other U.S.
A payment from another country transmitted into the network is treated no differently by a receiving depository financial institution than an entry originated domestically.
* Permitting a depository institution insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to affiliate with a securities firm, insurance company or other financial company.
The company has declared a dividend of USD252.78 per share (equivalent to USD0.25278 per depository share) on its series A floating rate non-cumulative preferred stock; a dividend of USD25.00 per share on its 10.0 percent series C non-cumulative non-voting perpetual preferred stock; a dividend of USD445.31 per share (equivalent to USD0.44531 per depository share) on its series E fixed-to-floating rate non-cumulative preferred stock and a dividend of USD429.69 per share (equivalent to USD0.42969 per depository share) on its Series F fixed-to-floating rate non-cumulative preferred stock.
According to financial circles, Tuesday, the city will hold a briefing on its newly implemented dual depository system on March 30, and then receive applications from banks on April 25 for five days.
Greg Abbott announced Texas would build the country's first state-run gold depository, the project took a major step forward Wednesday.
(PDS) has called on regulators to remedy what it described as a "grave regulatory misstep" arising from the Philippine Stock Exchange's setting up of its own depository platform under exchange's Securities Clearing Corp.
The Law Library for San Bernardino County was crowned 2008 Federal Depository Library of the Year by the U.S.
A precious metal depository will be open by the end of 2007 to meet growing regional demand for gold, the depository's owner, the Airport Authority, said Wednesday.
These amounts are used in the calculation of reserve requirements of depository institutions.
6302(h)(1)(A) provides that the IRS will prescribe regulations necessary for the development and implementation of an electronic funds transfer (EFT) system for the collection of depository taxes.

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