Der Sozialdemokrat

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Sozialdemokrat, Der


the central press organ of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Der Sozialdemokrat was published during the period when the Exceptional Law Against the Socialists was in effect; from Sept. 28, 1879, to Sept. 22, 1888, it was published in Zurich, and from Oct. 1, 1888, to Sept. 27, 1890, in London. Despite its mistakes, especially in its early years, Der Sozialdemokrat became the militant organ of the Social Democratic Party. It contributed to the formation of the German proletariat’s class consciousness, propagandized Marxism, and opposed opportunism. From late 1881 to 1890, F. Engels was a contributor.

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Like ourselves, he didn't consider the Revolution completed, but wanted it to be proclaimed a permanent revolution" (Der Sozialdemokrat no.