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Spiegel, Der


an illustrated weekly magazine published in the Federal Republic of Germany. It was founded in 1947 in Hanover and has been published in Hamburg since 1952. One of the most influential weeklies in the Federal Republic of Germany, the magazine is oriented toward the liberal circles of the bourgeoisie and the intelligentsia. Circulation, 1.1 million (1977).

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Last year, German newspaper Der Speigel (https://www.
Tulawie claimed that Tan had insisted that Der Speigel foreign editor Olaf Ihlau only talk and directly negotiate with him, or else Lorenz could get harmed.
We read about it in [the German newspaper] Der Speigel," Joanna said.
to over 400,000 customers, according to Der Speigel.
He said he had received more than 10,000 messages, including death threats against him and his family and profane insults, before Der Speigel withdrew him from Turkey out of concern for his safety.
The Der Speigel report included a leaked NSA graphic from 2008 that laid out the program being developed, referring to it as a "software implant" that allows infiltrators to retrieve data from iPhones such as contact lists and to even turn on and use the device's microphone and camera.
Despite attempts to open their garage doors, the residents were unable to do so and the problem laid with the US' spy agency NSA's radio antennas, which was broadcasting at the same frequency as the garage door openers, Der Speigel reports.
He was back in the news last week when journalists from Der Speigel reported that a Persian rug looted during the Second World War and acquired by Goering for his Reichsmarschall office had been found on the floor of chancellor Angela Merkel's office.
The project director for the Beijing complex, Satoshi Ohashi of Zaha Hadid Architects, told Der Speigel Online that "it is possible that the Chongqing pirates got hold of some digital files or renderings of the project.
23: German newspaper Der Speigel, quoting sources close to the investigation, reports that data collected by the UNIIIC implicates Hezbollah in Hariri's assassination.
German magazine Der Speigel reported last year that Moustafa had a personal contract with the agency in 2006 while also able to influence the award of commercial contracts.