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Loss of the sense of the reality of people or objects in one's environment.
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a sense of change or unreality in one’s environment that appears in certain mental illnesses (for example, schizophrenia, cyclothymia, epilepsy).

While experiencing derealization, the outside world is perceived as foreign, artificial, changed, and sometimes distant, vague, and dreamlike. Time seems too fast, or else it seems to have stopped. Unfamiliar surroundings seem to have been seen before and, conversely, familiar situations and places seem strange, as though seen for the first time. Derealization is often accompanied by melancholy, fear, and confusion; it is often combined with depersonalization. It is treated by eliminating the primary illness.

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Central to Julia's derealization is Quentin's refusal to validate her as a subject in pain.
Area 39's involvement is particularly compelling given that some patients with Capgras report depersonalization or derealization.
As with many other traditional industries in Europe, the canned fish industry has been affected by derealization processes during the last decades.
Derealization may be defined as a feeling of disconnection between the individual and reality (Lynn et.
It also turns out that my alienation is a common reaction: "post-VR sadness," a sense of derealization and depersonalization.
Caught between the post-war Wordsworth and the post-war Pound, as it were, with the former, in the controversial "Thanksgiving Ode" (1816), presenting Waterloo as an end to the violent reign of the imagination, and the latter conceiving it as the beginning of an age of mercantile derealization, Waterloo seemed on this account to have no place in Romantic criticism.
Derealization. complications bruxism, "heat Vasospasm Accidents.
Psychoform dissociation includes amnesia, depersonalization, derealization, and identity confusion and alteration, which may be experienced as Schneiderian symptoms (auditory hallucinations, passive control phenomena, etc.).
300) defines the Detachment subscale as measuring "feelings of depersonalization and derealization," which doesn't seem very relevant.
The effort to get out of the labyrinth still goes on, through the stage of psychosis with perception, depersonalization and derealization disorders, in a poetic rhythm of "madness" that the individual wishes to be extracted from, but fails to make an exit, still stuck in an ambivalence--some hostility turning both inwards and outwards, the swinging between light and darkness, between accepting God and rejecting Him, between utter confusion and normalcy, trust and distrust.