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However, American analysts misidentified the internal dynamics within the Dergue and in the summer of 1976, Major Sisay of the moderate faction was arrested and executed.
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has ruled Ethiopia since 1991, when his minority ethnic guerrilla group, the Tigray People's Liberation Front, overthrew the country's post-imperial Communist regime, the Dergue, which had murdered, tortured and imprisoned tens of thousands during its brutal seventeen years in power.
Thus the Dergue government largely committed its crimes against its political enemies, rather than whole ethnic or class groups.
But brutal political in-fighting and the rise of Mengistu Haile Mariam transformed the Dergue from liberators to executioners.
Most Eritreans--Muslim, Christian and animist--rejected absorption into Haile Selassie's Amharic empire and, later, the Marxist terror state of the Dergue, which overthrew him.
3) In addition, the Land Commission, a relic of Dergue rule, has recently attempted to grant usufructuary rights to housing and farming land to Eritreans equally, regardless of sex, belief, race, or clan.
Despite their formidable community strength, despair was evident in the sorrowful, questioning gazes levelled from their dusty dwellings, some of whose walls bore murals of fearsome soldiery, a relic of the deposed Dergue dictatorship.
The Dergue, the military government, never admitted that they murdered him.
One of the main issues that the military regime or Dergue (in Amharic) which ousted Haile Selassie promised to tackle was the grievance of the various nationalities with regard to the suppression of their cultures and languages.
Under this law, Ethiopia is prosecuting members of the Dergue, a military body established to enforce government policy and ideology and to eliminate members of opposition groups that were deemed "`enemies of the Revolution.
Ethiopia took control of Eritrea in the period after World War II; after Haile Mariam Mengistu and a junta known as the Dergue seized control of Ethiopia in 1974, Ethiopian rule in Eritrea was characterized by brutality and plunder.
Sudanese Communist Movement/Party (SPLM/A) first started as a branch of the Communist Movement/Party of the Soviet Union in the Ethiopian Communist Dergue.