Deriabina, Serafima

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Deriabina, Serafima Ivanovna


(party pseudonyms, Nina [Antonina] Vsiacheslavovna Ivanova, Sima, Elena). Born June 19 (July 1), 1888, in Ekaterinburg, present-day Sverdlovsk; died there Apr. 6, 1920. Revolutionary. Became a member of the Communist Party in 1904. The daughter of a state official.

In 1907, Deriabina was secretary of the Ekaterinburg organization of the RSDLP. She was involved in party work in Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, Tula, St. Petersburg, and Samara. In 1913 she took part in the Poronin meeting of the Central Committee of the RSDLP. In 1914 she was a member of the Executive Commission of the Petrograd Committee of the RSDLP. She was arrested and exiled. After the February Revolution of 1917 she was a member of the Samara soviet. After the October Revolution she was a member of the Samara Provincial Committee of the RSDLP (Bolshevik) and the Provincial Executive Committee and was commissar for press matters. In 1918 she was arrested by White Guardists and sent to Siberia on a “death train.” Deriabina managed to escape and worked in the Bolshevik underground in Siberia. In March 1919, at the Second All-Siberian Conference of Underground Bolshevik Organizations, she was elected a member of the Urals-Siberian Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP (Bolshevik). She was arrested by Kolchak’s counterintelligence and was freed after the Red Army occupied Ekaterinburg. She was a member of the organizational bureau of the Ekaterinburg Committee of the RCP(B). At the Seventh All-Russian Congress of the Soviets (1919), she was elected a member of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee.


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