Derived Set

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derived set

[də′rīvd ′set]
The set of cluster points of a given set.
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Derived Set


the set of all limit points of a given set. The derived set is obtained by subtracting all the isolated points of the set from the closure of the set. A derived set is always closed.

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Thus, the new proposed Lagrange multipliers (13) are more attractive than the previously derived set.
But, when we deal with a difficult channel (where the initial ISI is considered as very high) and high SNR case, a much faster convergence rate is obtained when using our new proposed Lagrange multipliers over the previously derived set.
An objective, scientifically derived set of standards could allow us to balance cost with quality to achieve value.
A consistently derived set of attributes available online - from pre-screening, to solicitation, to final payment--will be the next major leap in automated decisioning.
Such a theoretically derived set of document descriptions might be considered near optimal on the assumption that maximal similarity between a set of document descriptions and its relevant queries will arise when every term is distributed identically in both sets.
The set of a ([gamma], [gamma]')-limit point of A, denoted Ad ([gamma], [gamma]') is called ([gamma], [gamma]') derived set. It is easily seen that if A [??] B then