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(power; from Old Russian d’rzha, “dominion”. or “might”).

(1) A term denoting an independent sovereign state, as in the expression “the Great Powers.”

(2) In the Russian state, a golden orb with a cross or crown, which symbolized the monarch’s authority.

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OD-470, dated 11 February 2016, on the revocation of the insurance licence from the Insurance Company Derzhava LLC;
The company was present with its Myasnaya Derzhava brand.
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Besides additional OFZ placements, the offerings are starting today for Bank Derzhava, BO-01 worth 1 bln rubles and Delta Credit, 10-IP worth 5 bln rubles.
Petersburg, each a "gromkaia derzhava." But the two poets are inversely related: Ovid's north is Pushkin's south, Ovid's famous old age contrasts with Pushkin's status as up-and-coming youthful poet.
Ukraine is also their mother: I doky bude sonechko siiaty Vichno bude zhyty Ukraina-maty Samostiina, vil' na, doroha derzhava, Slava Ukraini, i heroiam slava!
El debate opuso a los "internacionalistas" del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, mas proclives a seguir el curso establecido, con los "neopatriotas" o los derzhavniks (de derzhava, "gran Estado"), que insistian en un mayor intervencionismo para la defensa de los intereses nacionales, incluyendo el uso de la fuerza.
His Derzhava party, which had hoped to capture up to 10 or 15% of the Duma vote, won only 2.6% of the party list vote, finishing 11th in a field of 43.
His Derzhava (Great Power) movement has already enrolled nearly a million members in twenty-six of Russia's fifty or so most populous regions.