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Hence, not only the descent into hell but every redemptive act of Christ is truly a window into the trinitarian relations, as "the entire Trinity" has willed to be affected by the events of the economic order.
Other commentators have also puzzled over her influence, especially over her understanding of Christ's descent into hell.
Ex-para turned carer Mike (Chris Connel), a comedic bully, is on hand to demonstrate his policy of terror so effectively that Andy begins a descent into hell.
For example, when discussing Ransom's killing of the Un-man, Hilder writes this: Nancy-Lou "Patterson makes the important observation that Weston's descent into hell through demonic possession may not be final.
The visuals on Giovanni's descent into Hell were spectacular, but many others were murky and diffuse.
As with every descent into hell, the period represents, simultaneously, both destruction and regeneration'.
Families Filth BRUCE Robertson's descent into hell is punctuated with some cheery Christmas tunes but that's about as close to a PG moment as you're gonna get here.
Much as you would wish to escape their claustrophobic descent into hell, you simply cannot take your eyes from them.
But with a storm rolling in the dive is about to become a descent into hell.
In late July, a Vatican spokesman said the country is experiencing a "slow descent into hell," but also called the prospect of an armed international response "very worrying.
Now the choice is clear: either work collectively to unwind the conflict, or continue the descent into hell and live with the consequences.