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As DESERT SHIELD prepared to become DESERT STORM, the book explores how senior military leaders wrestled with operational planning for the attack on and defeat of the Iraqi military.
"When I think back on the past 25 years after Desert Storm, I see the immense impact that particular war had on how we planned to fight in the future and the kind of equipment we would need," Horner said.
More than 4,000 DAV members, their families and veteran supporters took part in a discussion on DAV's Facebook page concerning the 25th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm.
Manali man, Suresh Rana, nine times winner of Raid de Himalaya and three times winner of Desert Storm, who is gunning to win his first Dakshin Dare title this year, added, "India is slowly opening to the idea of speed adventure and motor sports, thanks to a lot of youngsters who want to juice their adrenalin rush.
Desert Storm is one of the most popular rallies in India, given the tough conditions of driving through the Thar Desert and vast salt flats.
His connections between Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom depart from mainstream commentary, arguing that our sanctions and massive bombing campaigns during Desert Storm so crippled Iraq that it crumbled much more easily than predicted when the United States invaded in 2003 and caused much more civilian resentment than we had anticipated.
The recent history of American forces going back into Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein is fairly convincing evidence that wrong decisions were made in stopping Operation Desert Storm too early.
He sees Desert Storm as the beginnings of the logistics branch that is today a reality.
Schreiner, a Weasel pilot in the F-4G Phantom during Desert Storm, contributes his verbatim diary accounts of daily activity, forming the primary substance of the book, plus his knowledge of "weaseling"' in general (the Wild Weasel mission employs special aircraft to defeat enemy radar-based threats so that strike aircraft may attack at reduced risk).
casualty of Operation Desert Storm. He was placed in Missing in Action (MIA) status the next day.
At the NDIA tactical wheeled vehicles conference, he presented a slide with two photos: one taken in January 1991 of the 18th Airborne Corps main command post convoy staged for movement, about 24 days before Operation Desert Storm; the other taken in March 2003 of the 101st Airborne Division's 2nd Brigade, one week after the first ground forces crossed into Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom.