Design for environment

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design for environment

[di¦zīn fər in′vī·ərn·mənt]
(system engineering)
A methodology for the design of products and systems that promotes pollution prevention and resource conservation by including within the design process the systematic consideration of the environmental implications of engineering designs. Abbreviated DFE.

Design for environment

An engineering perspective in which the environmentally related characteristics of a product, process, or facility design are optimized.
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In addition, he discusses integrated product development and concurrent engineering, how to maintain and apply a portfolio of systematic Design for Environment strategies, and how to use analysis to evaluate design sustainability and performance trade-offs.
Expertly and knowledgeably co-authored by Cynthia Girling (Director and Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia) and Ronald Kellett (Professor of Landscape Architecture and Director of the Neighborhoods LAB in the Design Centre for Sustainability at the University of British Columbia) Skinny Streets And Green Neighborhoods: Design For Environment And Community is an innovative modern introduction and study of urban planning and ecology that deftly provides the reader with an exceptional selection of proven methods for solving generally difficult problems for community landscapes in urban areas.
Many industry respondents to the guideline proposal argued strongly for the inclusion of products listed by EPA's Design for Environment (DfE) Green Formulation Initiative for Cleaning Products because, among other reasons, some companies consider Green Seal certification costs excessive.
P3 facility designs are fully consistent with the principles of pollution prevention established by the Canadian Council of the Ministers of Environment and mirror the Design for Environment (DfE) guidelines established by Canada's National Research Council.
Our Design for Environment initiative is in place and our customers demand it.
Legislation based on the directives will make using the wrong part a potential legal and revenue liability, not just a supply chain liability, and poor Design for Environment practices may render products non-competitive," said Michael Kirschner, a specialist on these directives and related requirements, and president of consulting firm Design Chain Associates, LLC.
Other sections cover design for environment issues, plastics recycling, labelling, plus coverage of the implementation of the Restrictions of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHs).
i2's HMM solution is being developed with capabilities for content management, component and supplier management, design for environment, product analysis (e.
Paired with Planet Partners, HP's Design for Environment program extends HP's long-standing environmental commitment throughout the entire lifecycle including design, manufacturing, packaging, customer use and recycling.
HP's Design for Environment program is an innovative approach to designing products that are more energy efficient and use fewer materials.
Topics to be covered include take-back, reuse and recycling; information systems to track materials used in products; and design for environment.
Amkor's "green" CSP portfolio addresses Strategic Design for Environment (DfE) initiatives, which are underway by virtually all of Amkor's direct customers and end-users.

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