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(of cells, chemicals, etc.) designed (or produced) to perform a specific function or combat a specific problem
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The person who draws, lays out, or prepares a design.
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A full-featured Windows drawing program from Corel that has been widely used by technical illustrators. Originally developed by Micrografx, which was acquired by Corel in 2001, Corel DESIGNER is a very sophisticated vector graphics program providing many features of a CAD program, including layers and dimensioning. DESIGNER generates its own file types (DRW, DS4 and DSF) and also imports and exports all the major graphics formats. DESIGNER was the first application to bring the graphics capabilities of the Mac to the Windows platform back in the days of Windows 3.0. See CorelDRAW and Corel.

We've Used It for Years
Most of the illustrations in this publication were drawn in DESIGNER, which offers a huge assortment of drawing tools for the illustrator. This picture is one of the images in the term "transistor." DESIGNER was the first sophisticated drawing program for the Windows environment.
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The participating designers are FaizaSamee, Ali Xeeshan, Delhi Vintage Co., Elan by Khadija Shah, Rabani and Rakha by Raaz, and KamiarRokhni.
The USP of the 2nd edition is to promote emerging talented designers along with established names and during 2019 the organizers are presenting 32 Top line Female models and 22 Male models, who are the representatives of fashion world today with each having good working experiences.
For designers and stylists, the pull-out form is the binding contract in this collaboration.
Models, celebrities, designers, writers, and influencers were seen together on the pink carpet.
Launched in 2013, the Middle East Emergent Designer Prize is a partnership between the two leading organisations focused on supporting regional designers and exhibiting unique design pieces that respond to the given theme every year.
Some 32 young models and 17 young designers took part in the competition, Trend Life reported.
'All designers from the Philippines must come forward because this is a country award,' the host announced.
Designers have been tasked with providing their own contemporary take on these historical pieces.
In a speech to the attendees, Fadlallah said the company had been awarded seven prizes over the past six months, something he attributed to the innovative concept behind "Designers and Brands."
As the perception and experience of those on the frontlines evolves, it's easy to forget that just a generation ago, designers were looked upon by many as the redheaded stepchildren of the electronics industry.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that, in 2014, approximately 25 percent of interior designers were self-employed, and the industries that most often employed interior designers included architectural, engineering and related services; furniture stores; wholesale trade; and residential building construction.