Desktop Management Task Force

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Desktop Management Task Force

(DMTF) The industry consortium that develops, supports, and maintains standards for systems management of PC systems and products, to reduce total cost of ownership. These include the Desktop Management Interface (DMI), the most-widely used management standard today.

The DMTF is participating in an industry effort to create a standard for management over the Internet. They are defining an object-oriented Common Information Model (CIM).
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(Distributed Management Task Force, Inc., Portland, OR, An industry consortium founded in 1992 that is involved with the development, support and maintenance of management standards for PCs. Its goal is to reduce the cost and complexity of PC management. Focusing initially on the DMI standard, the DMTF is involved with other management technologies, including CIM and DEN. The DMTF was originally the Desktop Management Task Force. See DMI, CIM, WBEM and DEN. See also DTMF.
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