desktop PC

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desktop PC

Depending on context, the term may be used in several ways as follows.

Any User's Machine
A desktop PC can refer to any user's machine, whether Windows, Mac or Linux or style of case. However, the term "PC" by itself would be more common for this generic usage, and the terms "Windows desktop," "Mac desktop," etc. would be more specific. See desktop computer.

Client Vs. Server
The desktop PC is a client (the user's machine) in contrast to a network server. See desktop computer, client and server.

Stationary Vs. Portable
The desktop PC is a user's computer in a desktop or tower case in contrast to a portable computer. See laptop and tower case.

On the Desk Vs. the Floor
A desktop PC may refer to a unit that is designed for the top of the desk, such as an all-in-one or a very small case, in contrast to a floor-standing tower. See tower case and all-in-one.
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The Compaq Presario CQ5000 series desktop PC is priced at USD379.
IDC claimed desktop PC demand will increase at a declining rate due to laptop computers becoming faster and more efficient, along with the growth in the mobile workforce and use of wireless networks, according to BBC News.
On this occasion NEC demonstrated the use of the ORB as an emergency power source for NEC's typical desktop PC (power consumption: 228-watt maximum, 96-watt average) .
HP commercial desktop PCs are widely recognized as providing industry leading performance and reliability at an attractive price point," said Reuven Soraya, Director of Marketing, Chipset Business Unit.
1-inch double bright TFT LCD display (sourced from Sharp) and the vertically mounted CPU and disc drive package mounted behind the screen collectively consumes 40 percent less space than a conventional desktop PC.
The cheapest, lightest computers (equivalent in processing speed and power to desktop PCs or XTs) contain a single drive, a simple processor and a text-only display.
The IDT CV115C PC clock satisfies the stringent requirements of the high-performance, next-generation desktop PC market.
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The new models include the first desktop PC with a DVD+RW drive priced under $900.