A earlier Web-based service that provided a family of applications written in JavaScript. Downloaded into any Web browser, the software had the look and feel of regular office applications. The service was formed in 1999 and went out of business in 2001. See virtual desktop services.
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Without having a browser window open, files are instantly uploaded from their Desktop Drive to their personal Desktop.
In addition to creating an easy destination to store files, Desktop.
Right now, the site hosts a newsreader, a to-do list and a runner's log, but these offerings barely scratch the surface of what Desktop.
The company claims that from any net-connected PC running a standard web browser, Desktop.
Shelby Township, MI Motorola GTSS (online only) -- 6/06/01 Desktop.
Gadsden, AL -- 5/24/01 Dot Com Exchange II, Mountain View, CA -- 5/30/01 Desktop.
Our technology is especially suited to ASP customers who have made an investment in building a collection of targeted Web applications," said Katie Burke, CEO of Desktop.
com is equally committed to providing business and personal applications to our users while also making compelling technologies available to our developer community," said Mark Strauch, vice president of business development for Desktop.
We continue to add new features to make a user's Desktop experience more personal and productive, and with the integration of music, Desktop.
Keith's experience in rapidly growing technology organizations, and his expertise in applications and development tool products is a perfect fit for our company," said Katie Burke, CEO of Desktop.
com currently has strategic relationships with McKesson HBOC, Desktop.