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(chemical engineering)
The removal of sulfur, as from molten metals or petroleum oil.
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a combination of physicochemical processes that promote the removal of sulfur from molten metal (cast iron, steel). It consists in converting the sulfur dissolved in the metal to sulfides that are either insoluble or poorly soluble in the liquid metal bath (for example, MnS, MgS , CaS, and Na2S). Examples of desulfurizers are lime, sodium carbonate, and metallic magnesium.

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MHPS will proactively offer Air Quality Control Systems (AQCSs) combining high-performance, high-efficiency desulfurization /denitrification systems and dust collectors, contributing to reductions in the global environmental load.
In this paper, mortars containing CFBC desulfurization slag were prepared, the linear expansion rate and compressive strength of the mortars were tested, the influence mechanism of grinding time, amount of CFBC desulfurization slag and sodium sulfate on the expansion characteristics, and compressive strength of mortars were investigated, and furthermore, the correlation between the expansion characteristics and compressive strength of the mortar was analyzed.
Effect of Mass Ratio between Zinc Ferrite and Activated Carbon on Desulfurization. As shown in Figure 2, the mass ratio of zinc ferrite to activated carbon is an important factor affecting the adsorption performance of Zn[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4]/AC composites on S[O.sub.2] removal.
The effects of four independent variables of PMS dosage, [Bmim]Cl/Co[Cl.sub.2], temperature, and reaction time for desulfurization were investigated based on response surface methodology (RSM) and real experiment.
Then the effect of operating temperature and feed concentrations on desulfurization performance were investigated in detail.
Refine products from a crude oil requires desulfurization [6].
It was an appropriate article to feature as lime and limestone flue gas desulfurization processes are still the predominant technology being used today to control sulfur dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants.
It was previously reported, Uzbekneftegaz completed the construction of the seventh stage of gas desulfurization in July 2013 as part of 16th, 17th and 18th universal blocks with a total capacity of six billion cubic meters per year.
The company completed a project for construction of the seventh unit of gas desulfurization in March 2013.
Activated carbon has been reported [6] to have good adsorption ability toward methyl substituents of organic sulfur compounds such as 4,6DMDBT that is a refractory compound for desulfurization of diesel.
At present, there are several coal desulfurization methods such as [1]: physical desulfurization, chemical desulfurization and microbiological desulfurization.
In the past decade, enormous awareness has been paid to deep desulfurization of transportation fuels due to the stringent policy on sulfur content in fuel (<10 ppm).