Detonating Cord

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Detonating Cord


a device for exploding a series of charges. The outside diameter of a detonating cord is 5-6 mm. The cord consists of a number of layers of flax or cotton threads (sometimes glass threads) that form a tube filled with powdered explosive of high detonating capacity (usually pentaerythritol tetranitrate [PETN]; less frequently hexogen or octogen). The detonation speed of a cord filled with PETN is 6.5 km/sec. The explosive content of detonating cord is usu-ally 12-13 g per m.

To avoid leakage of water into detonating cord, it is en-closed in a plastic shell, or the outside layers are impregnated with water-resistant mastic. The outside layer of detonating cord, unlike that of safety fuses, is colored red or contains red threads. Detonating cord is intended to transmit detonation from a detonating cap to charges that are sometimes at a considerable distance (hundreds of meters) from the place of initiation and from one another.

detonating cord

A flexible cord having a high-explosive center core; when detonated, it then detonates other cap-sensitive explosives with which it is in contact.
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Detonating cord and low-energy cord systems may also be connected in this fashion.
Deliveries for mines JSW SA mining electric detonators, explosives and detonating cord with a maturity of 12 months from the date of the contract.
On the other hand, confiscated from Romeo and Norein were one unit of .45 caliber pistol, one piece magazine for .45 caliber, 3 pieces cartridges for .45 caliber, one fragmentation grenade M61, one empty blasting cap, detonating cord, and gadgets.
It contained 980lb of home-made explosives, an electric detonator, detonating cord, a time and power unit and a booster tube.
Troops recovered five civilian backpacks containing documents used for CNTs Ideological Political Organizational (IPO) works, and one detonating cord.
He was speaking at the court hearing of Paul McIntyre, 21, from Caledon Road in Dublin, who accepted responsibility for detonating cord containing Semtex which could have been used to manufacture nine bombs.
Recovered from the scene were: one M16 Elisco rifle with serial number: RP 101724; five civilian backpacks allegedly containing documents to be used for CNT's Ideological Political Organizational (IPO) works; and one detonating cord.
Contract notice: The contract is for the supply of miner jsw sa mining electric detonators, explosives and detonating cord with a maturity of 12 months from the date of the contract.
The 21-year-old single man, of Caledon Road, East Wall, Dublin, was charged with the unlawful possession of an explosive substance, including nine lengths of improvised detonating cord, circuitry and other explosive material at Great Strand Street, Dublin on May 2.
The case stemmed from the C-4 explosive, a detonating cord, a blasting cap and a blasting cap kit from the luggage allegedly owned by Nobleza that was left in the apartment they rented in Barangay Looc, Panglao town last April 24.
Kieran McDonagh, 37, a father of three, from Moorland Road, Lisdoo, Dundalk, pleaded guity to having 938lbs of improvised explosive mixture, a booster and detonating cord with intent to endanger life at Carrickaneena, Co Louth, on May 23 last year.
The IED was powered by a nine-volt dry cell battery with rocker switch and detonating cord. The cellular phone's subscriber's identity module number is +63938-007-8821, he said.