Detonating Cord

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Detonating Cord


a device for exploding a series of charges. The outside diameter of a detonating cord is 5-6 mm. The cord consists of a number of layers of flax or cotton threads (sometimes glass threads) that form a tube filled with powdered explosive of high detonating capacity (usually pentaerythritol tetranitrate [PETN]; less frequently hexogen or octogen). The detonation speed of a cord filled with PETN is 6.5 km/sec. The explosive content of detonating cord is usu-ally 12-13 g per m.

To avoid leakage of water into detonating cord, it is en-closed in a plastic shell, or the outside layers are impregnated with water-resistant mastic. The outside layer of detonating cord, unlike that of safety fuses, is colored red or contains red threads. Detonating cord is intended to transmit detonation from a detonating cap to charges that are sometimes at a considerable distance (hundreds of meters) from the place of initiation and from one another.

detonating cord

A flexible cord having a high-explosive center core; when detonated, it then detonates other cap-sensitive explosives with which it is in contact.
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Using B-1 diagrams, Anderson and Tree determined they could disconnect the Shielded Mild Detonating Cord (SMDC) line in the wheel well of the aircraft, thus ensuring the seats would not fire while they removed the emergency jettison hatch handle.
and the insensitive munitions miniature detonating cord.
A piece of detonating cord from Reid's bomb matched that of Badat's.
It consists of five major components: a rocket motor, a fuse, a 25-meter line charge consisting of 60 grenades and detonating cord, a 20-meter line charge consisting of 48 grenades and detonating cord, and a container for shipping or storage.
And detonating cord was the same type used exclusively by PIRA.
In a search conducted as part of the investigation at a house in rural Massachusetts, authorities found detonating cord and 40 pounds of C-4 explosive, an amount that officials said is sufficient to set off a massive blast.
The plants for manufacturing Safety Fuse, Detonating Cord and Emulsion Explosives were added later to provide customers with a complete range of explosives/accessories.
Items seized included semtex plastic explosive, four AK47 assault rifles, ammunition and magazines, a booster for an RPG rocket, three bomb timer units, a number of electronic incendiary devices, components of an improvised rocket grenade, explosive powder and detonating cord.
One mine or explosive is linked to another, usually with a detonating cord.
The arms haul included rocket- launchers, anti-tank machine guns, ammunition, plastic explosive and detonating cord and equipment.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Emulsion-Based Permitted Explosive And Detonating Cord For Use In Ring Hole Blasting In Blasting Gallery (Bg) Panels In Underground Coal Mines Of Sccl For A Period Of 2 Years