deuterocanonical books

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deuterocanonical books:

see Old TestamentOld Testament,
Christian name for the Hebrew Bible, which serves as the first division of the Christian Bible (see New Testament). The designations "Old" and "New" seem to have been adopted after c.A.D.
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For example, although an entry is devoted to each biblical book, the deuterocanonical books are discussed only generally under the larger category of "Apocrypha." While this entry is quite good, it is self-consciously written from a Protestant perspective for a Protestant readership.
This indicates that the Deuterocanonical books (also called Apocryphal books) are in the Catholic Bible, but not in the King James Bible.
Drawn from the Ninth International Conference on the Deuterocanonical Books, oReligion and the Female Body in Ancient East Mediterranean,o held in Budapest, Hungary, in May 2012, the 12 papers in this volume examine different aspects related to the female body in the literature of the Ancient Near East, early Judaism, and Christianity, from the beginning of the first millennium BC to the Renaissance.