Deutsche Brüsseler Zeitung

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Deutsche Brüsseler Zeitung


a newspaper of the democratic opposition founded by German émigrés in Brussels; it appeared semiweekly from Jan. 1, 1847, to Feb. 27, 1848.

First dominated by petit bourgeois radicals, the newspaper was later used by its contributors W. Wolff and G. Weerth for the dissemination of revolutionary proletarian ideas. From Sept. 12, 1847, K. Marx and F. Engels were regular contributors to the Deutsche Brüsseler Zeitung;they soon took editorial control. With the approach of the revolution, the newspaper was transformed under their influence into an organ of revolutionary communist propaganda, in effect becoming the official paper of the Communist League. A number of works by Marx and Engels were originally published in the Deutsche Briisseler Zeitung (see K. Marx and F. Engels, Sochineniia, 2nd ed., vol. 4).


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