Devils Lake

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Devils Lake.

1 200 sq mi (520 sq km), NE central N.Dak., the largest natural body of water in the state. In an area of typically inland drainage, Devils Lake can range from a dry lakebed to more than 400 sq mi (1,040 sq km) in size, at which point it drains into the Sheyenne and Red rivers. At much lower water levels it forms a series of lakes (Devils, East Devils, West Stump, and East Stump lakes) and has salty water. The irregularly shaped lake has fluctuated significantly in size in historical times; since 1993 it has tripled in size, and chronic local flooding led to construction of an outlet to the Sheyenne. The lake is a popular recreation area. The town of Devils Lake is on the north shore.

2 1 mi (1.6 km) long, in Devils Lake State Park, central Wis., NW of Madison. The clear, oval-shaped lake is ringed by bluffs, 400 to 500 ft (122–152 m) high. Native American mounds rest on its shores. The lake is a year-round resort.

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Well known for its jumbo perch and robust walleye population, pike have benefited from constantly rising water levels on Devils Lake in North Dakota.
Teenagers hoping to find the perfect prom dress or suit had a unique opportunity to shop for their attire at a discount, thanks to Newby's Ace Hardware in Devils Lake, North Dakota.
Performer Phyllis Frelich is born in Devils Lake, N.D.
He recently served as senior loan manager at Citizens Community Credit Union in Devils Lake, North Dakota.
There will be a non-mandatory job site walk through for interested sub-contractors on January 31st at 2:00 pm at the project site located at 1503 SE Devils Lake Road, Lincoln City, OR 97367.
Because of poor management, the conserved Citizens Community Credit Union in Devils Lake, N.D., which lost more than $8 million this year, was approved to merge with North Dakota's largest credit union, the $611 First Community CU in Jamestown.
To a duck, Devils Lake looks like one giant pothole.
A member of Spirit Lake Tribe, she met Matheny in middle school in Devils Lake, North Dakota, and was in a relationship for seven years.
The non-Indians named the lake Devils Lake because it is the abode of the Unktehi (The Terrible One).
We trapped muskrats using covered and uncovered muskrat float sets on four study areas (Devils Lake, Arrowwood, Chase Lake and Tewaukon) across eastern North Dakota, USA in the fall (late October-November) and spring (April-May) open water trapping seasons during 2012-2014 (Fig.
However it was unfortunate that both Hogue and editors at the press consistently missed the misspelled "Devil's Lake" in North Dakota (on page 45, four times on page 63, and on page 64; it should be "Devils Lake" without the apostrophe).