Devon Island

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Devon Island,

c.20,900 sq mi (54,100 sq km), Nunavut Territory, Canada, between Baffin and Ellesmere islands.
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Hunting pressure on the WJS stock and on walruses on the south coast of Devon Island is low (7 on average between 2002 and 2011; D.B.
On Devon Island, scientists are testing out NASA's latest concept suits to see if they make the grade.
And wildlife: Devon Island is home to prolific bird life, and at Lancaster sound, whales, polar bears, narwhals, and walrus can be spotted.
10, will stop in Greenland with cruising in Disko Bay, Baffin Island, Devon Island, Barrow Strait, Northwest Passage and Alaska.
Truelove Lowlands (Devon Island, Canada) - it's actually pretty unlikely that you would find true love in Truelove, because Devon Island happens to be the world's largest uninhabited island.
From Resolute Bay, a community of 200 on Cornwallis Island, 800 miles into the Arctic Circle, Mark and his team will then trek 300 miles across Devon Island to the highest Inuit settlement in the Canadian Arctic, Gris Fjord - a community of just 70.
In August 2001, while researching the eerily Mars-like landscape on Devon Island in the Canadian arctic, Peter told me that he didn't know what his future held or if he'd be able to keep doing Mars work much longer.
For example, while a major focus of recent investigations at the Haughton impact structure, Devon Island, Canadian High Arctic, has been to use this site as an analogue for Mars, studies there have also resulted in a substantial increase in our knowledge of polar geology and biology (Cockell et al.
Using ice cores from Devon Island (75[degrees] N) that extend back in time more than 15,000 years, Krachler and Zheng analyzed the samples using the unique clean lab and ICP-SMS facilities in Heidelberg, creating the first complete time series for atmospheric Sb in the Arctic.
He is spotted by the team on Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island on earth.
A SECOND World War pillbox on the Devon island of Burgh is up for auction today with a guide price of pounds 70,000.
So the married college professors from Townville decided they would take their own Mars mission to Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic.

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