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[′dek ‚stran]
Any of the several polysaccharides, (C5H10O5)n , that yield glucose units on hydrolysis.
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(C6H10O5)n, a polysaccharide of bacterial origin, a polymer of glucose. The molecular weight can be as high as 10,000,000. In the linear part of the dextran molecule the glucose residues are joined by bonds between the first and sixth carbon atoms; branching is due to bonds between the first and fourth, first and third, and first and second atoms. Dextran is obtained by growing microorganisms of the genus Leuconostoc in an artificial culture medium. Dextran, in the form of a partially hydrolyzed solution with not less than 90 percent 1.6 linkages and a molecular weight of about 60,000 is used clinically as a blood plasma substitute. The preparation provides for a normal osmotic pressure corresponding to that of blood. Modified dextran, so-called Sephadex, is used in chromatography.

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According to the object of this paper, dextran has a large number of hydroxyl groups and no double bonds, so it has no maximum ultraviolet absorption.
EOPPgfl at 30 and 60 mg/kg also inhibited the edema induced by dextran (Figure 4B) and at 60 mg/kg inhibited formalin-induced edema (2.5%) (Figure 4C).
Rizk, M.D., from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and colleagues developed a new biomarker, VFI, consisting of a 150-kD rhodamine derivative and 5-kD fluorescein carboxymethylated dextrans. VFI-based mGFR values were compared with values obtained by measuring iohexol plasma disappearance in a study involving 16 adults with normal kidney function, eight with chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage 3, and eight with CKD stage 4.
The beneficial influence of such dextran modification and the following preconcentration on the binding capacity of the prepared MIP are presented as an important step towards an improved detection of small analytes by MIPs on mass sensitive transducers.
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An injectable and self-healing hydrogel was prepared from dextran and glycol chitosan without incorporating any extraneous crosslinking agents.
Today, several biopolymers including dextran are used commercially.
Second harmonic generation was represented by blue, and Texas Red dextran and neutrophils were visualized with red and green, respectively.
The conjugation of the proteins with magnetic NPs can be done via physical adsorption using polymer coatings, such as dextran, and by covalent immobilization using amino derivatives, such as aminosilane [3].
Among them, dextran has been used for this purpose due to its biocompatibility, biodegradability, and its improved transfection efficiency.
has begun selling Photrexa Viscous (riboflavin 5-'phosphate in 20% dextran ophthalmic solution), Photrexa (riboflavin 5'-phosphate ophthalmic solution) and the KXL System to key military hospitals around the country, the company said.