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Studies on substrate specificity of the enzyme from both the crude extract and post dialysis solution upon three different substrates: Soluble starch, glycogen and dextrin the result was showed in graph1.
Fermentations were carried out at 30 to 40 degrees C (temperature stress), with 32% dextrin (osmotic stress) and with 32% glucose (glucose stress).
Report also includes latest research and technology developments and most recent patents issued in the areas of dextrins, resistant dextrins and applications.
The report " Dextrins: Food & Industrial Products, Applications, Markets and Industry Situation 2012" provides critical information on dextrin process, products, brief properties, industry volume, price estimates and the end user applications properties with key customers.
Table 44: Dextrins and Other Modified Starch Imports into
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Glues Based on Starches, Dextrins or Other Modified Starches: European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015
There are five classes of dextrin and the industry nomenclature base on color and final product characteristics; white, cream, canary, waxy based, British gums and more recently resistant dextrins (non or slow digestible in health and nutrition)
During the rest of this decade we estimate aggressive growth for certain modified starches such as tapioca, dextrins, polyols and physically modified starches such as Novation by National Starch.
Dextrin Report Dextrins belong to a class of low-molecular-weight carbohydrates degradation products made from starch manufactured by a process called pyrolysis.