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His consciousness reveals a chaotic mix of incommensurate, even opposed, notions derived from the discourse of vamashramadharma in the Dharmashastras, the Upanishadic guna theory, (9) and the principles of karma, (10) all tendentiously assimilated to uphold a dualist Madhva metaphysics (99).
The dharmashastras deal with both religious as well as legal duty.
Kirkwood's (1989) identification of "truthfulness as a standard," can be traced to the Dharmashastras.
We believe that more exceptions to the rule will be found through a more careful exploration of the codes of Manu and the larger group of Dharmashastra texts.
Further, in the Hindu tradition, the Dharmashastras (the Treatises on Dharma) express the ideas that women are lower in the social order than men and that this is a result of negative karmic circumstances.
This irony can possibly be explained by the historical fact that the Hindu personal code, derived from the dharmashastras, has never gained the foundational value for the Hindu community that the sharia has gained for the Muslim community.