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A short synthetic benchmark program by Reinhold Weicker <weicker.muc@sni.de>, <weicker.muc@sni-usa.com>, intended to be representative of system (integer) programming. It is available in ADA, Pascal and C.

The current version is Dhrystone 2.1. The author says, "Relying on MIPS V1.1 (the result of V1.1) numbers can be hazardous to your professional health."

Due to its small size, the memory system outside the cache is not tested. Compilers can too easily optimise for Dhrystone. String operations are somewhat over-represented.




A benchmark program that tests a general mix of integer instructions. The results in Dhrystones per second are the number of times the program can be executed in one second. See Whetstone and benchmark.
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5 mW and delivering 480 Dhrystone MIPS (DMIPS) performance-a 34% smaller core consuming 37% less power and delivering 20% higher performance than an ARM 1136J-S running at 333 MHz.
These programs include synthetic benchmarks like SPEC, Stanford, Linpack and Dhrystone, but also customer code spanning a variety of real-world embedded applications.
Nuevamente, el rendimiento del procesador esta muy cercano al Pentium III de 1 GHz e incluso llega a superar en el Dhrystone al Pentium 4 de 1.
Figure 3 shows the dynamic frequencies of the various JVM instruction categories measured in the Java benchmark programs LinPack, Caffeine-Mark, Dhrystone, Symantec, JMark2.
It is expected to deliver over 1000 Dhrystone mips using current 0.
What is important is the performance of the machine and the available software, measured according tom the Dhrystone MIPS, or the LINPACK MFLOPS (millions of floating-point operations per second) benchmarks [1].
Whetsone, Dhrystone, Linpack, SPEC benchmark suite, mflops, and mips are all names to measure how fast a computer runs a program.