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A short synthetic benchmark program by Reinhold Weicker <weicker.muc@sni.de>, <weicker.muc@sni-usa.com>, intended to be representative of system (integer) programming. It is available in ADA, Pascal and C.

The current version is Dhrystone 2.1. The author says, "Relying on MIPS V1.1 (the result of V1.1) numbers can be hazardous to your professional health."

Due to its small size, the memory system outside the cache is not tested. Compilers can too easily optimise for Dhrystone. String operations are somewhat over-represented.


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A benchmark program that tests a general mix of integer instructions. The results in Dhrystones per second are the number of times the program can be executed in one second. See Whetstone and benchmark.
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It features 32-bit, 159MIPS (Dhrystone 2.1) 166MHz processor, 8Mb of SDRAM and 4Mb Flash.
The AVR32 UC3 core delivers up to 1.3 Dhrystone MIPS/MHz when it runs code in on-chip flash memory, and according to Atmel, it beats the ARM7 core (thumb mode) two fold for the same code density.
Arm said the new processors will include over 1bn transistors and could beat the 1,000 industry-standard Dhrystone Mip (Dips) mark, with future versions reaching 2,000 Dips.
EB8450 provides 1,850 MIPS (based on Dhrystone 2.1) at a clock speed of 800 MHz-performance achieved by X86s only in the GHz range and only at a much higher power dissipation.
Table V shows the results of the Dhrystone, Whetstone, Linpack, Livermore Loops, Stanford, Smith and Doduc benchmarks on the C100 (33 MHz) and C300 (50 MHz) CLIPPER, the Vax 8600, 8800, and 11/785, and the SUN 3/50 (with 68881), 3/280 (with 68881), 386i/250 (with 80387) and 4/280.