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A short synthetic benchmark program by Reinhold Weicker <weicker.muc@sni.de>, <weicker.muc@sni-usa.com>, intended to be representative of system (integer) programming. It is available in ADA, Pascal and C.

The current version is Dhrystone 2.1. The author says, "Relying on MIPS V1.1 (the result of V1.1) numbers can be hazardous to your professional health."

Due to its small size, the memory system outside the cache is not tested. Compilers can too easily optimise for Dhrystone. String operations are somewhat over-represented.




A benchmark program that tests a general mix of integer instructions. The results in Dhrystones per second are the number of times the program can be executed in one second. See Whetstone and benchmark.
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Thus various points on the HINT graph correspond to various memory regimes and might be viewed as corresponding to some degree to other more conventional benchmarks such as Dhrystones, Whetstones.
Benchmarks resulting from this approach include Whetstones (both single and double precision) and Dhrystones, Linpack, Xmark, Graphstones, Khornerstones, Stanford Floating-Point, Stanford Integer, Stanford Recursion, Disk WinMark, DOSmark, DOS Video, Graphics WinMark, Win-Bench and on and on.
Other computer performance measures such as Whetstones and Dhrystones are available only in a limited scope.
Unlike established benchmarks like the Dhrystones, which attempt to evaluate fundamental processor attributes through a handful of relatively short core routines, the EEMBC benchmarks provide a better gauge of real-world performance by utilizing real applications (wherever possible) that have been developed for a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, and telecom.
Also, whetstones per second, FORTRAN 77 whetstones, as well as dhrystones per second; and such exotic species as Szewerenko benchmarks, SPECmarks, Norton S.