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Informal an archaeological excavation
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A website that aggregates links and brief descriptions to news articles, videos and podcasts, which are voted on by members who "Digg it!" Founded in 2004, submissions are grouped by topic, and links with the most Diggs move to the home page. A "bury" vote can also be cast if the material is deemed inaccurate or dull, and the site may eventually remove it. When members Digg a particular link, it is kept in their profile page.

In 2012, Digg was sold to three entities. New York technology incubator Betaworks acquired the technology; the Washington Post acquired staff, and LinkedIn obtained patents. In 2016, Gannett partnered with Digg, and two years later, advertiser BuySellAds acquired the company. For more information, visit www.digg.com. See Digg Reader.
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References in classic literature ?
The little dog began barking loudly and jumped into the hole himself, where he began to dig with his tiny paws, making the earth fly in all directions.
If we get time, the night of the escape, we'll dig one."
"Huck Finn, did you EVER hear of a prisoner having picks and shovels, and all the modern conveniences in his wardrobe to dig himself out with?
"Where you going to dig next, after we get this one?"
You got to find out where the shadow of the limb falls at midnight, and that's where you dig!"
She'd dig an' rake away an' be right down happy over it.' Them was the very words she said."
"If I have a spade," she whispered, "I can make the earth nice and soft and dig up weeds.
Instead, with weird little chirrupings of encouragement and excitation, he persuaded Jerry to dig a tunnel beneath the rude palisade of fence.
When a city is buried thirty or forty feet deep beneath earth and great trees have grown over it, it is not easy to dig down to it."
The map that tells where we are to dig for the idol of gold!
After much whispering, Peter and Benjamin decided to dig a tunnel.
The Corsican, who had declared the vendetta against me, who had followed me from Nimes to Paris, who had hid himself in the garden, who had struck me, had seen me dig the grave, had seen me inter the child, -- he might become acquainted with your person, -- nay, he might even then have known it.