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The diagrammatic map was put together in the ecological mapping lab at the M.K.
Figure 1 provides a mono-element diagrammatic map for the distribution of lead's mobile forms in the surface layer of urban soils based on 2011 data.
At next week's meeting Mr Nelson will outline his latest project to reopen the unstaffed station at Eaglescliffe, and the mapping project Railroute which has produced the first diagrammatic map of the national rail network.
A COUPLE of weeks ago, Walkers Crisps, for reasons best known to themselves, managed to miss Anglesey off their 'Walk Trips' diagrammatic map they were using to promote UK tourist attractions, walking and, of course, themselves.
IVM allows rich interaction with the visual information by means of providing learners with three toolkits: interactive diagrammatic maps, interactive solids, and query tools.
The first toolkit in IVM consists of 5 diagrammatic maps depicting relationships among related solids.
There are only two diagrammatic maps, but the plentiful photographs reinforce the atmospheric achievement of the book.