Diana Ross

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Ross, Diana

(1944–  ) popular singer, movie actress; born in Detroit, Mich. Lead singer of the extremely successful trio, the Supremes, she went solo in 1969, recording the hits "Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" in 1970. She portrayed singer Billie Holliday in the movie Lady Sings the Blues (1972) and by the late-1970s achieved superstar status with live and televised concerts. Joining RCA in 1981, she recorded the hit "Muscles" (1982), written by Michael Jackson.
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Diane Ross will present "Recycling of Plastics." $10.
Diane Ross is the education development manager for Realityworks, Inc., where she works with states and school districts to develop better programs, products and pathways in career and technical education programs.
There, Madison Park Technical Vocational High School in Roxbury has no waiting list, has just admitted a freshman class of 150 students -- the smallest in years -- and last week lost its headmaster, Diane Ross Gary, when it was discovered that she lacks certification to lead a school in Massachusetts.
Diane Ross, Megator sales administrator, said of NECC's international trade training courses: "NECC courses have proved to be a fantastic help when it comes to understanding the logistics of exporting.
Assistant headteacher Diane Ross, said: "It's a different style of learning and teaches communication skills, life skills, and the real practical skills that employers want.
First off, the duet Endless Love with the thousands of women in the audience screeching the lyrics to Diane Ross's part.
The Primettes, formed in 1958, consisted of Barbara Martin, Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson and Diane Ross. Their early recordings were unsuccessful but one of my favourite dresses in the show dates from this early period and is an in expensive, plain black, evening dress that looks as good as anything Givenchy designed for Audrey Hepburn.
Diane Ross kept it in the family with her 21-6 beating of Maurice Palin.
ABOVE: Pictured are showroom staff (left) John Ramsey, Diane Ross, Bob Bates, Laura Randle and Paul Wilson.
WILLIAM and Diane Ross have been busy Beazer-ing their way up the property ladder.
Diane Ross, Megator sales administrator, said: "The NECC courses have proved to be a fantastic help when it comes to understanding the logistics of exporting.
Sunderland City Library and Arts Centre in Fawcett Street has organised a Family History Day with talks by Local Studies Librarian, Diane Ross, on "How to start your Family Tree".