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The general process or combination of processes by which the earth's crust is deformed.
The results of this deforming action.



(orogeny, folding), the intensified manifestation of all endogenetic processes, chiefly tectonic movements producing plicate and rupture dislocations, mountain building, and other changes in the structure of the earth’s crust. The term “diastrophism” was introduced at the end of the 19th century by the American geologist G. Gilbert and is widely used abroad.

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To talk about "diastrophism," without explaining that it is a force that deforms the Earth's crust, would be inexcusable, unless you're addressing an audience of geologists.
Role of diastrophism in topography of Corpus Christi area, South Texas.
In deft narrative leaps between past and present, we follow the story of Luba in Gilbert's twin Palomar classics, the tellingly titled "Human Diastrophism" (collected in Blood of Palomar, Volume 8) and Poison River (Book 12).