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Dense, chert-like, consolidated diatomaceous earth.



(diatomaceous earth, infusorial earth, kieselguhr, mountain meal), a sedimentary rock consisting primarily of the shells of diatoms. It is usually friable or weakly cemented and light gray or yellowish in color. Small spheres (globules) of opal of nonorganogenic structure and detrital and argillaceous minerals may be found in diatomite in different quantities. Chemically, diatomite consists of 96 percent hydrated silica (opal). It is highly porous, has a high adsorption capacity, conducts heat and sound poorly, is not easily fused, and is acid resistant. Diatomite is formed from diatomaceous silt that has accumulated in seas and lakes. In a stratigraphic cross section it may be found beginning with the Cretaceous system and is common in Cenozoic beds. Owing to the high solubility of the diatom skeletons it changes easily into tripoli and opoka.

There are deposits of diatomite in the Far East, on the Eastern slope of the Urals, and in the central Volga Region. Diatomite is used as an adsorbent and filter in the textile, petrochemical, and food industries and in the production of antibiotics, paper, various plastics, and dyes. It is also used as a raw material in the making of water glass and glaze, as a heat-and sound-insulating material in construction, as an admixture in certain types of cement, as a polishing agent (in paste form) for metals and marble, and as a pesticide.


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diatomite, diatomaceous earth, kieselguhr

A white or light gray, chalky, natural siliceous material; obtained by mining deposits of fossil remains of small marine life; used as an extender in paints, as an aggregate in lightweight concrete, as a waterproofing material in portland cement, as a filter for water, and as an abrasive.
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Some fillers, such as kaolin and diatomite, were found to accelerate the photo-oxidation of polyethylene, whereas other fillers, such as wollastonite, were found to stabilize polyethylene.
Over the next 15-18 months, SME expects to increase its Diatomite production from the Orcutt Field by drilling new wells, installing greater steam generation capacity, and building pipelines to transport water to the project site with which steam will be produced and to transport oil to market.
Two cores drilled in June 2009 revealed about 130 m of laminated diatomite representing at least 120,000 years of deposition over the life of the lake which was a closed system with little terrigenous siliclastic sediment input.
Diatomite with different particle size supplied by Dewei Chemical in Guangzhou (People's Republic of China) was used as fillers.
The diatomite, with particle size of about 5 [micro]m, was supplied by NaHui desiccating agent company (China).
As anticipated, the Company recently received project approval from the California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources for PXP's next phase of its diatomite development in the Cymric Field.
Diatomite lends itself well to master-batching at levels of 50% by weight.
5% overriding royalty on the Remaining Properties which produced 20,620 Boe from 35 Orcutt Diatomite wells and one Orcutt Field well, which was approximately 21% higher than the prior month due to the Orcutt Diatomite expansion project being ahead of schedule.
In global terms, the EU produces one third of the worlds production of perlite, 20% of calcined kaolin and 20% of diatomite.
There are a total of 24 kinds of minerals can be guaranteed, including coal, natural gas, tungsten, molybdenum, silver, rare earths, magnesite, fluorite, refractory clay, phosphorus, barite, cement, limestone, glass and siliceous materials, gypsum, kaolin, stone, diatomite, salt, sodium sulfate, bentonite, graphite, asbestos, talc, and wollastonite (http://www.
5% overriding royalty on the Remaining Properties which produced 17,099 Boe from 30 Orcutt Diatomite wells and one Orcutt Field well, which was approximately 106% higher than the prior month due to the Orcutt Diatomite expansion project being ahead of schedule.
With its partners, Rock Energy is engaged in producing oil from the Diatomite and Monterey formations in the Orcutt field and from the NW Casmalia Diatomite field - both located in Santa Barbara County, California, where there is a known resource base of over 2.