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A cyme producing two main axes from the primary axis or shoot.



the inflorescence in plants of the cymose type. The primary axis in dichasium ends in a single apical flower. From the two opposite axils under that flower two lateral branches develop that exceed the primary axis in height and also end in flowers, which blossom later. On each of them in turn, two more lateral branches develop that overtake them in height and end in apical flowers, which blossom still later, and the process continues. Dichasium is typical for many plants of the family Caryophyllaceae and others. Sometimes branching and growth in dichasium is disturbed somewhat and inflorescences form that outwardly do not resemble dichasium (as in so-called false whorls in plants of the family Labiatae).

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Flowers opening first in each dichasium are most likely to produce fruits, whereas later opening ones are much more resource limited (Herrera 1991).
The hermaphroditic flowers, blooming in May-July, are arranged in a bracteate dichasium, with pollinations performed by many insect species (Hovsgaard and Vejsnaes 1990).
Inflorescences formed by one terminal and two subterminal (lateral) double dichasia (triads), rarely with the terminal flower of the dichasium aborted resulting in the atypical formation of dyads; internodes 5-16 mm long.