Didymus of Alexandria

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Didymus of Alexandria,

d. c.396, Greek grammarian and theologian, also called Didymus the Blind. His treatise On the Holy Ghost was translated by St. Jerome, who studied briefly with him. Although Didymus had been trusted with teaching theology by St. Athanasius, he was condemned for Origenism by the Third Council of Constantinople and the Second Council of Nicaea.
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'Tis not I who say that, but Didymus of Alexandria, and they are illustrious words.
Arguably, such intrusions (as on the topography of Bardsey island, the references to Didymus of Alexandria and Sedulius, or on onomastics, etymologies, and details of twelfth-century escutcheons) remind the reader of the inter-connectedness of the sub-disciplines that go into a full appreciation of medieval literature, but equally arguably they are a parade of the author's learning and previously published scholarship.