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Welt, Die


(The World), a major daily bourgeois news- paper. It was founded in Hamburg in 1946 and is published in the Federal Republic of Germany and West Berlin. It is one of the most reactionary newspapers. In 1972 its total circula- tion was 289,000 copies. The newspaper belongs to the A. Springer concern. Die Welt conducts a slanderous cam- paign against the German Democratic Republic and spreads nationalistic and militaristic propaganda in the interests of the monopolistic bourgeoisie of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Amman, March 13(Petra)--The European Commission is planning legislation that would use the threat of denied visas to encourage countries outside the bloc to cooperate on repatriating failed asylum seekers, the German newspaper Die Welt reported on Tuesday.
We will scrutinise this case thoroughly," European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources, Gunther Oettinger, said in an interview with the German daily Die Welt, as quoted by the TK newswire.
A year ago, Yucel - who worked for German newspapers Die Tageszeitung and Die Welt - was charged for allegedly supporting terrorist organizations FETA and PKK by spreading their propaganda and inciting violence in Turkey, (https://www.
In an interview with Germany's Die Welt am Sonntag newspaper, Bach dismissed criticism that it was a decision by the IOC to appease Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The constant interference of Erdogan in the internal affairs of other countries is something I clearly reject," Sebastian Kurz said, Die Welt reported.
Les autorites allemandes enquetent 20 ressortissants turcs soupconnes d'activites d'espionnage en Allemagne, rapporte le quotidien Die Welt.
If the German Foreign Ministry warns against going on holiday in Turkey, then there needs to be an end to deportations of Turkish citizens," party co-leader Bernd Riexinger told Die Welt newspaper.
By: MENA BERLIN - 18 July 2017: Iraqi security forces have arrested 20 female foreigners, including five Germans, in Mosul city over charges of joining Daesh terrorist group, Germany's Die Welt paper reported.
Police confirmed a report by Die Welt newspaper which said the raids in the central district of Neukoelln were an effort to secure potential evidence.
YأA-cel, who works the German Die Welt newspaper, was detained in Turkey on February 14 as part of an investigation for publishing stories aiming at instigating terrorism and spying for German intelligence services.
KMW-Nexter, a Franco-German armoured vehicles maker, is reportedly planning to purchase the Governmental Sales division of Volvo, a Sweden-based truck manufacturer, German daily Die Welt has reported.
Our neighboring country making possible what we cannot do with 80 million population just with 8 million" stated by German paper Die Welt.