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process by which molten metal is forced by a plunger or compressed air into a metallic die and the pressure maintained until the metal has solidified. Die castings are accurate, are sharply outlined, have a good surface finish, and can be made in complicated designs. Zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloys are the principal metals used. The high cost of the die usually limits the process to large-scale, high-speed production. Typical products are carburetor bodies and zippers. Type-casting machines are specialized die-casting machines.
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Contact MYKE Technologies for aluminium die-casting parts.
To avoid compromising quality and increasing costs in the creation of large, complex components, specifying the correct die-casting lubricant is essential to ensure an adequate release lubricant film is formed over the die surface.
Mr Head, who was recently appointed Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands, described the move as a "strategic addition" to the Rical Group, which specialises in presswork components, die-castings, sheet metal punching and fabrication.
The sale will return the Pace to its previous owner and will make it the largest privately owned custom non-automotive die-casting company in North America.
And, zinc and ZA die-casting alloys must adhere to equally stringent purity levels to prevent intergranular (rather than atmospheric) corrosion.
Unlike die-casting, which isn't known for its worker-friendly operating environment, Thixomolding involves no melting pot or transfer of molten metal.
"Using four-slide die-casting machines, miniature and subminiature components under 1.5" in any direction can be produced to extremely tight tolerances with virtually no minimum-size restrictions," according to David Piacitelli, Miniature Casting Corp (MCC), Cranston, RI.
The merged businesses will form the largest aluminium pressure die-casting company in the UK with 50 die-casting machines with capacities from 80 tonnes to 2,700 tonnes.
Ohio State University's Engineering Research Center for Net-Shape Manufacturing (Columbus) has been conducting research on die-casting and is making the working knowledge available to foundries.