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process by which molten metal is forced by a plunger or compressed air into a metallic die and the pressure maintained until the metal has solidified. Die castings are accurate, are sharply outlined, have a good surface finish, and can be made in complicated designs. Zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloys are the principal metals used. The high cost of the die usually limits the process to large-scale, high-speed production. Typical products are carburetor bodies and zippers. Type-casting machines are specialized die-casting machines.
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Partners include die-casting equipment maker Frech UK, Brock Metal and Protech Training & Consultancy.
Project manager Mr Tony Dauncey said: 'There has been a steady decline, particularly in zinc die-casting, over the past ten years as a result of foreign competition and the introduction of alternative materials.
So far, a significant number of die-casting and associated companies have registered an interest in the project.
Venting of Thixomolding tools is more critical than with plastics molds, and vents should be designed to existing die-casting standards.
331522 - Nonferrous (except Aluminum) Die-Casting Foundries
Foundries, die-casting, nonferrous metals (except aluminum)
Funded in part by a DOE grant in 1997, CDA and its industry partners began researching new die-casting methods as well as molds that could withstand the high temperatures needed to cast molten copper and were durable enough to last through thousands of casting cycles.
We expect DBM die-casting machines will be widely used throughout Alcoa worldwide.