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Table 1--Dielectric Constants Material Dielectric Constant, [epslion] Vacuum 1 (by definition) n-Hexane 1.
The dielectric properties (dielectric constant and loss) of insulating polymers are relatively low.
Using stacked DRAs is another method to improve the impedance bandwidth, but in this method, DRAs must be different in size and/or dielectric constants [10-14].
Expect to see changes in the composition of metal lines and vias and new dielectric materials and deposition techniques.
The correct physical mechanism for dielectric breakdown has been controversial for over three decades.
Throughout these years, NBS/NIST has collaborated with various important ceramic industries, and the systems investigated reflected the changing emphasis of material systems, including cement, glasses, battery materials, dielectrics, ferroelectrics, ionic conductors, superconductors, microwave materials, magnetic materials, and materials for optical application s.
Furthermore, a frequency dependence of dielectric lifetime for ultra-thin oxides is observed under bipolar pulsed stressing conditions for the first time.