Diesel Fuel

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diesel fuel

[′dē·zəl ‚fyül]
Fuel used for internal combustion in diesel engines; usually that fraction of crude oil that distills after kerosine.
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Diesel Fuel


a liquid petroleum fuel used in diesel engines. Two groups of diesel fuels are produced: distillate low-viscosity fuels used in high-speed boosted diesels and high-viscosity residual fuels used in slow-speed diesels.

Distillate diesel fuels are produced by using kerosine-gas-oil fractions from direct petroleum refining and to some degree (up to 20 percent) gas oils from catalytic cracking. Fuel for slow-speed diesels is produced from a mixture of fuel oils and the kerosine-gas-oil fractions of petroleum.

Table 1. Distillate fuels
FuelViscosity at 20°C
Centane numberSulfur content
Congealing temperature (°C)Flash point (°C)
1 1 stoke = 10 m2/sec * Viscosity at 50°C
Motor vehicle and tractor fuels
Low sulfur content:
DA (arctic)...............
DZ (winter)...............3.5-6.0400.2-4550
DL (summer)...............3.5-8.0450.2-1060
DS (special)...............2.5-4.0 2500.2-1590
High sulfur content:
A (arctic)...............
Z (winter)...............2.2-3.2450.6-3535
L (summer)...............3.0-6.0451.0-1040
S (special)...............4.5-6.0501.0-1590
Locomotive and ship engine fuels
TZ (winter)...............2.2-5.0450.5-3540
TL (summer)...............3.5-6.5450.5-1065

Tables 1 and 2 show the basic properties of diesel fuels produced in the USSR.

Table 2. Residual fuels
FuelViscosity at 50°C
Sulfur content
Congealing temperature
Flash point


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