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A common recommendation during oral health education is to switch to diet cola beverages, and thus reduce risk for decay.
have introduced new diet colas in an appeal to consumers looking for more healthful beverage choices.
PepsiCo Inc., meanwhile, has announced its own enhanced diet cola. Diet Pepsi Max, due to be launched in June, contains ginseng and extra caffeine and is aimed at young people who like energy drinks and high-caffeine sodas, but worry about calories.
She reported that she drank large quantities of diet cola and some orange juice daily and that she used cinnamon-flavored toothpaste and mouthwash nightly.
Euromonitor foresees that the pursuit of healthier lifestyles will lead to a 12% fall in regular cola sales that will be more than compensated for by a 24% jump in diet cola sales.
Similar results were found for diet cola and decaffeinated cola (although that link was weaker), according to the study in the October 2006 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
I write as someone who spilt some diet cola on a painted table this week; 24 hours later, I looked at the table and it appeared to have been blow- torched.
Mike pulled it off with flying colors--shrinking from 212 pounds to 160--and placed second at this year's Old Man Bowl Jam, earning a three-liter of generic diet cola. recent weeks I've witnessed him whipping out hot moves like kickflip 50-50s on the pyramid ledge and ollies down the eight-stair at the new Zero park--stunts the fat Sinclair would have never done.
Datamonitor figures show that the market for diet cola in Europe will show steady growth over the next five years, while the market for standard cola is expected to show more conservative growth--a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.6% over the same time period.
And in America's Next Top Cruise, a fish tank bubbles with store-bought diet cola. Bouchet's own version of the drink, My Cola Light, is the medium for a set of paintings (classified by the press release as "an interior cola sculpture") titled Long & Skinny, one of which is an enlargement of the nutritional information (riddled with zeros) found on the side of a diet cola can; the others depict logos complete with test-marketed names that convey no concrete information.
"Island Breeze will revolutionize the spirits industry, doing what the first lite beer did to the beer industry and what the first diet cola did to the soft drink industry," says Alfredo Piedra, chairman of global new product development.