Diethylene Glycol

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diethylene glycol

[dī′eth·ə‚lēn ′glī‚kȯl]
(organic chemistry)
CH2OHCH2OCH2CH2OH Clear, hygroscopic, water-soluble liquid, boiling at 245°C; soluble in many organic solvents; used as a softener, conditioner, lubricant, and solvent, and in antifreezes and cosmetics.

Diethylene Glycol


(β,β’-dihydroxydiethyl ether), HOCH2CH2OCH2CH2OH, a viscous colorless liquid, having a melting point of -8°C, a boiling point of 245°C, a density of 1.1197 g/cm3 (15°C), and a refractive index of 1.4472. It is miscible with water,, alcohol, and acetone but slightly soluble in ether and benzene. Its chemical properties resemble those of ethylene glycol. The latter, along with ethylene oxide, Diethylene Glycol and ethylene chlorohydrin, ClCH2CH2OH, serves as a raw material for the industrial preparation of diethylene glycol.

Diethylene glycol is extensively used as a solvent for nitrocellulose, oils, and resins; as a softener; as a component of antifreeze and absorption mixtures; and as a drying agent (in the gas industry). Some derivatives of diethylene glycol are of practical importance, such as, diethylene glycol dinitrate, the monoethers (Carbitols), and the diethers (for example, diglyme, CH3OCH2CH2OCH2CH2OCH3).

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In 2009, the FDA randomly tested a variety of electronic cigarette liquids and found that some of them contained diethylene glycol, considered a poison.
Diethylene glycol is a strongly hydrophilic group bestowing an amphiphilic nature on the PHO-DEG polymer, potentially predisposing it to BF arrays.
In 1985 the Austrian wine industry suffered a huge blow when some less scrupulous winemakers were found to be adding diethylene glycol, or antifreeze, to give more sweetness and body.
After analyzing a few e-cigarettes in the lab, FDA found traces of harmful chemicals, such as diethylene glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze, which they declared was grounds for banning importation of the devices.
Within 36 hr, he identified diethylene glycol in acetaminophen preparations that the children were given to reduce fever.
Potassium octoate compounds in diethylene glycol for isocyanurate foams.
Advertisements claim electronic cigarettes are a healthier way to smoke, but one sample tested by the Food and Drug Administration contained diethylene glycol, a toxic chemical used in antifreeze," wrote Li.
The physical properties of diethylene glycol [(2-hydroxyethoxy) ethan-2-ol] make it an excellent counterfeit for pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol (propane-1,2-diol), and have caused many deaths in different countries over decades.
Dubai-based MEGlobal and Equipolymers, a leader in the manufacture and marketing of merchant monoethylene glycol and diethylene glycol,.
On November 21, officials from the Nigerian National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) discovered diethylene glycol (DEG) in four batches of the teething medication manufactured during August-October 2009.
Tests on one of the samples detected diethylene glycol - a chemical used in antifreeze that is toxic to humans - and in several other samples the FDA analyses detected other carcinogens.
Food and Drug Administration issued a warning statement about e-cigarettes after testing by the Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis found diethylene glycol, a chemical used in antifreeze that is toxic to humans, as well as carcinogens, in them.